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510 Ashby Street Moorefield WV 26836 PH: 304.530.2348 FX: 304.530.2340

Helping Students Succeed:
Every One, Every Time

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Sherry Barb 304-530-2348  Extn: 9223
Child Nutrition Coordinator Email Sherry Barb
Veeta Burgess 304-530-2348  Extn: 9229
Financial Director/Treasurer Email Veeta Burgess
Bryan Cooley 304-530-2348  Extn: 9237
Assistant Superintendent Email Bryan Cooley
Mrs. Shawn Cullers 304-530-2348  Extn: 9234
Executive Secretary to Superintendent Email Mrs. Shawn Cullers
Ron DeMedici 304-530-2348
County Technology Contact Email Ron DeMedici
Dr. Matthew Dotson 304-530-2348  Extn: 9232
Superintendent of Schools Email Dr. Matthew Dotson
Charlie Landes 304-530-2348
County Technology Contact Email Charlie Landes
Mrs. Becca Taylor Lewis 304-530-2348  Extn: 9235
Executive Secretary to Assistant Superintendent Email Mrs. Becca Lewis
Lisa Mongold 304-530-2348  Extn: 9221
Coordinator for Student Support Services Email Lisa Mongold
Stephanie Ours 304-530-2348  Extn: 9224
Secretary to the Director of Personnel Email Stephanie Ours
Anthony Robinson 304-530-2348
Technology Systems Specialist Email Anthony Robinson
Barbie Robinson 304-530-2348  Extn: 9228
Accounts Payable Coordinator Email Barbie Robinson
Bonnie Rogers 304-530-2348  Extn: 9222
Director of Human Resources Email Bonnie Rogers
Mrs. Beth Sager 304-530-2348  Extn: 9230
Director of Student Support Services Email Mrs. Beth Sager
Jody Shewbridge 304-434-3007
Attendance Director/Homeless Liason/Homeschool Monitor Email Jody Shewbridge
Melvin Shook 304-530-2348  Extn: 9226
Transportation Supervisor/ Bus Supervisor Email Melvin Shook
Patty Stull 304-530-2348  Extn: 9236
Personnel Coordinator Email Patty Stull
Peggy Williams 304-530-2348  Extn: 9227
Payroll Coordinator Email Peggy Williams
Steven Williams 304-530-2348  Extn: 9233
Director of Administrative Programs/Maintenance/Transportation Email Steven Williams
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