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Folder Meeting Schedule (1 Files)
Download Board_Meeting_Schedule_17-18.pdf
Folder Board Agenda (1 Files)
Download Bd.Agenda_9.25.17.pdf
Folder Board Policies (304 Files)
Download IED-Telecommunications Acceptable Use Policy.pdf
Download Index of Hardy County.pdf
Download JDA-Expected Behavior in Safe and Supportive Schools.pdf
Download SB.20 Hardy County Schools Telecommunications Acceptable Use Agreement.pdf
Download SB.20B Hardy County Schools Telecommunications Acceptable Use Agreement-Employee.pdf
Sub Folder A-School District Organization (8 Files)
Download A Content For School District Organization Section A.pdf
Download AAA - Goals and Objectives.pdf
Download AAB - School Board Authority and Legal Status.pdf
Download ABA - School District Attendance Areas.pdf
Download ABB - School Calendar.pdf
Download ABC - Emergency Closings.pdf
Download ABD - Schedule - Central Office.pdf
Sub Folder B-School Board Operations (37 Files)
Download B Content For School Board Operations Section B.pdf
Download BAA - Goals and Objectives.pdf
Download BAB - Mission Statement.pdf
Download BBA - Officers.pdf
Download BBB - Duties of the President.pdf
Download BBC - Duties of the Vice-President.pdf
Download BBD - School Board Powers and Duties.pdf
Download BBE - School Board Members Eligibility.pdf
Download BBF - Orientation of New Board Members.pdf
Download BBG - Compensation of Board Members.pdf
Download BBH - Board Committees.pdf
Download BBI - Advisory Committees.pdf
Download BBIA Title I Parent Involvement Policy.pdf
Download BBIB Programs of Study for Limited English Proficient Students (Title III).pdf
Download BBJ - Consultants.pdf
Download BBK - Attorney for the Board.pdf
Download BCA-Board-School Superintendent Relations.pdf
Download BCAB-Employment of the Superintendent.pdf
Download BCB - Legally Mandated Duties of the Superintendent.pdf
Download BDA - School Board Meetings.pdf
Download BDB - Location of Board Meetings.pdf
Download BDB - Location of Board Meetings_1.pdf
Download BDC - Public Notice of Board Meetings.pdf
Download BDD - Agendas.pdf
Download BDE - School Board Executive Sessions.pdf
Download BDF School Board Meeting Procedures.pdf
Download BDFA - Use of Electronic Mail.pdf
Download BDG Participation in Board Meetings.pdf
Download BDH-News Media Relationship with Hardy County Schools.pdf
Download BEA - School Board Policy Development.pdf
Download BEB - School Board Policy Adoption.pdf
Download BEC - Administration in the Absence of Policy.pdf
Download BED - School Board Records.pdf
Download BFA - Membership in School Board Associations.pdf
Download BFA - Membership in School Board Associations_1.pdf
Download BFB-Policy_to_Promote_School_Board_Effectiveness.pdf
Download BFC Code of Ethics for School Board Members of West Virginia.pdf
Sub Folder C-School Administration (7 Files)
Download C - Index.pdf
Download CAA - Goals and Objectives.pdf
Download CAB - Code of Ethics for Administrators.pdf
Download CBA - Line and Staff Relations.pdf
Download CBB_-_Administrative_Organization_Plan.pdf
Download CCA- Job Description County Superintendent.pdf
Download CCC - Policy Implementation.pdf
Sub Folder D-Fiscal Management (31 Files)
Download D - Index-Fiscal Management.pdf
Download DAA - Goals and Objectives.pdf
Download DBA-Adoption of State Board Policies.pdf
Download DBB - Department of Finance.pdf
Download DBC - Treasurer.pdf
Download DCA - Annual Operating Budget.pdf
Download DCB - Budget Preparation Procedures.pdf
Download DCC - Budget Calendar.pdf
Download DCD - Procedures for Budget Hearing.pdf
Download DDA - Financial Accounting and Reporting.pdf
Download DDB - Revenue.pdf
Download DDB-R - Revenue Receipts.pdf
Download DDC - Expenditures.pdf
Download DDD-Payroll Procedures.pdf
Download DDD-R - Vendor Relations.pdf
Download DDE - Investment Procedures.pdf
Download DDF - Individual School Accounting Procedures.pdf
Download DDF-B - Athletic Funds.pdf
Download DDF-D - Faculty Senate Funds.pdf
Download DDF-R Cash in School Buildings.pdf
Download DDFA - Individual School Funds Management.pdf
Download DDFC-Guidelines for Student Fundraising Activities.pdf
Download DDFE - Child Nutrition Funds.pdf
Download DDG - Minimal Accounting Procedures for School Related Organizations.pdf
Download DDH - Inventories.pdf
Download DDH-R - Disposal of Surplus Items.pdf
Download DDI - Bid and Quotation Requests.pdf
Download DDJ - Budget Supplements and Transfers.pdf
Download DDK - Telephone Usage- Accounting.pdf
Download DDL - Hardy County Schools Use of Credit Cards.pdf
Download DDM-Use of Purchasing Card.pdf
Sub Folder E-Support Services (19 Files)
Download E - Index - Support Services.pdf
Download EAA - Goals and Objectives.pdf
Download EBA - Student Transportation Management.pdf
Download EBAA-Transportation_of_Students_(Non_Buses).pdf
Download EBAB - Use of Video Cameras on School Buses.pdf
Download EBB - Scheduling and Routing.pdf
Download EBC - Transportation of School-Related Groups.pdf
Download EBD - Senior Citizens Transportation.pdf
Download ECA - Building Cleaning-Maintenance Program.pdf
Download ECB - Fire Drills.pdf
Download ECC - Energy Conservation.pdf
Download ECD-R - Vandalism.pdf
Download EDA - Food Service Management.pdf
Download EDB - Free and Reduced Price Food Service.pdf
Download EDC - Food Service Advisory Committees.pdf
Download EDD-Collection.Billing_Policy.pdf
Download EEA - Computer Software Copyright Compliance.pdf
Download EEB-R - Authorized Use Of School-Owned Property-Equipment.pdf
Download EEC - Insurance Program.pdf
Sub Folder F-Facilities (13 Files)
Download F Content for Facilities Section F.pdf
Download FAA - Goals and Objectives.pdf
Download FAB- Facilities Planning.pdf
Download FBA - Site Acquisition Procedures.pdf
Download FBB - Competitive Bids For Construction Projects.pdf
Download FBC - Withdrawal of Bids.pdf
Download FBD - Project Insurance.pdf
Download FBE - Fair Employment Clause.pdf
Download FCA -Modifications to School Buildings and Equipment.pdf
Download FCB - Locks and Keys.pdf
Download FCC - Playgound - Athletic Equipment.pdf
Download FCD - Asbestos.pdf
Download FCE- Use of School Gymnasiums.pdf
Sub Folder G-Personnel (67 Files)
Download G Content For Personnel Section G.pdf
Download GAA - Goals and Objectives.pdf
Download GAAB-Hardy_County_Schools_Employee_Code_of_Conduct.pdf
Download GAB - Discrimination.pdf
Download GAC - Grievance Procedure.pdf
Download GAD.Racial.Sexual.Harassment.Violence.Policy.pdf
Download GADA - Bullying, Harassment, and Intimidation.pdf
Download GAE - Employees Right to a Hearing.pdf
Download GBA-Employment.pdf
Download GBB - Terms of Employment.pdf
Download GBC - Tenure of Employment.pdf
Download GBD - Notice of Vacancies - Job Perference.pdf
Download GBDB - Beginning Teacher - Administrator Mentor.pdf
Download GBE - Job Descriptions-Evaluation Handbook.pdf
Download GBF - Access to Personnel Files.pdf
Download GBG-Transfer_of_Personnel.pdf
Download GBH - Separation of Personnel.pdf
Download GBI - Resignation.pdf
Download GBJ - Suspension and Dismissal.pdf
Download GBJA-Employee-Student Fraternization.pdf
Download GBK-Reduction in Work Force.pdf
Download GBL-Performance Evaluation of School Personnel.pdf
Download GBLA-Hardy County Schools Service Personnel Evaluation Policy_1.pdf
Download GBLB-Spouse as Immediate Supervisor.pdf
Download GBM-Travel Regulations.pdf
Download GBN-Staff Political Activities.pdf
Download GBOA-Medical Examinations.pdf
Download GBOB-Tuberculin Examinations.pdf
Download GBP-NonSchool Employment.pdf
Download GBQ - Personal Leave Leave of Absence.pdf
Download GBR - Personal Leave Bank.pdf
Download GBRA-Hardy County Schools Leave Donation.pdf
Download GBS-Staff Conflict of Interest.pdf
Download GBU-Drug Free Workplace.pdf
Download GBV-Hardy County Board of Education Transportation Employees Alcohol and Controlled Substance Policy.pdf
Download GBVA-Prescription and Over-The-Counter Medication Policy.pdf
Download GBVAB-Rx and OTC Medication List.pdf
Download GBW-Work_Year_and_Unpaid.Non-Work_Days_Extended_Contract_Employees.pdf
Download GBX-Firefighting and Rescue Squad Service by Employees.pdf
Download GBY-Recognition of Employee Organizations.pdf
Download GBZ-Return-to-Work Services.pdf
Download GBZA-Employee Cell Phone-Electronic Devise Use in Schools and at Work.pdf
Download GBZB-Standard of Dress for Hardy County School Staff.pdf
Download GCA-Regular School Day Instructional Staff.pdf
Download GCB-Arrangement for Substitute Teachers.pdf
Download GCBA-Critical_Need.Shortage-Substitute_Teachers.pdf
Download GCC-Extended Employment for Teaching Personnel.pdf
Download GCD-Maintenance of Professional Certification.pdf
Download GCE-Hardy County Schools beginning Teacher-Administrator Mentor Policy.pdf
Download GCF-Lateral Postions.pdf
Download GCG-Professional Staff Development.pdf
Download GCH-Reimbursement of Tuition for Professional Education Staff.pdf
Download GCI - National Board Certification.pdf
Download GDA-Normal Working Day-Service Personnel.pdf
Download GDB-Wage and Hour Regulations for Service Personnel.pdf
Download GDC-Reclassification of Service Personnel.pdf
Download GDD-Substitute Service Personnel.pdf
Download GDE-Service Staff Development.pdf
Download GEA-Extracurricular Assignments.pdf
Download GEB-Extra-Duty Assignments-Service Personnel.pdf
Download GEC-Coaching Load.pdf
Download GED-Hardy County Schools Coaches Meetings, Clinics and State Tournaments.pdf
Download GEE-_Athletic_Coaches.pdf
Download GFA-School Curriculum Teams.pdf
Download GFB-Faculty Senates.pdf
Download GFC-Local School Improvement Council.pdf
Sub Folder I-Instructional (54 Files)
Download I Content For INSTRUCTION Section I.pdf
Download IAA-Educational Goals.pdf
Download IAB-Basic Instructional Program.pdf
Download IBA-Curriculum Adoption.pdf
Download IBB-Curriculum Development.pdf
Download IBC-Academic Freedom.pdf
Download IBD-Research.pdf
Download ICA-Programs to Prevent Drug Abuse.pdf
Download ICB-Health Education Including Sex and Drug Education.pdf
Download ICC-Aids-HIV Education.pdf
Download ICE-Special Programs.pdf
Download ICF-Guidance-School_Counseling.pdf
Download ICG-Extended Programs.pdf
Download ICH-Independent_Studies_Virtual.pdf
Download ICI-Dual_Credit_Policy-.pdf
Download ICJ-Hardy County Board of Education Taps at Military Funerals by Students.pdf
Download ICK-Hardy County Schools Multicultural Education.pdf
Download IDA-Instructional Plans.pdf
Download IDB-Time on Task.pdf
Download IDC-Grade Scale-Pupil Progress Reports.pdf
Download IDD-Homework.pdf
Download IDE-Credit Recovery Policy.pdf
Download IDF-Secondary Student Class Load-Exemptions.pdf
Download IDFA- Class Size.pdf
Download IDG-Advanced_Placement_and_Weighted_Grading.pdf
Download IDH-Notice of Academic Performance_1.pdf
Download IDI-Promotion and Retention.pdf
Download IDJ-Promotion Policy for Seventh and Eighth Grade.pdf
Download IDK Graduation Requirements.pdf
Download IDK-A Advanced Academic Diploma.pdf
Download IDK-B Distinguished Performance Award.pdf
Download IDK-C Modified Diploma.pdf
Download IEA-Instructional Allocations.pdf
Download IEB-Textbook-Instructional Materials and Learning Technologies Adoption.pdf
Download IEC School Libraries.pdf
Download IED-Telecommunications_Acceptable_Use_Policy.pdf
Download IEE-Use of Student Photographs and Personal Information.pdf
Download IFA-Honor Roll.pdf
Download IFB-Academic Letters and Certificates.pdf
Download IFC-Academic Graduation Honors.pdf
Download IFD-Awards and Scholarships.pdf
Download IFE-M.H. Maxwell Scholarship Fund.pdf
Download IFE-M.H. Maxwell Scholarship Fund_1.pdf
Download IFF - Vernon and Myrtle Webster Memorial Scholarship.pdf
Download IGA-Student Testing Program.pdf
Download IGB-Final Exams.pdf
Download IGC-Senior Examinations-Commencement.pdf
Download IGD-Testing Out Policy.pdf
Download IHA-Curricular and Extracurricular Activities.pdf
Download IHB-Interscholastic Athletics.pdf
Download IHD-Extracurricular Events During the Instructional Day.pdf
Download IHE- Field Trips Policy.pdf
Download IHF-Community Involvement to Complement Education.pdf
Sub Folder J-Students (34 Files)
Download J Content for Students J.pdf
Download JAA-Hardy County Board of Education.pdf
Download JAB-Goals.pdf
Download JAC-Equal Educational Opportunity.pdf
Download JBA-School Admissions.pdf
Download JBB-Admission to Early Childhood Education.pdf
Download JBC-First Grade Admission.pdf
Download JBD-Home_School_-_Private_Schools.pdf
Download JBDA-Admission_of_Home_School_and_Private_School_Students.pdf
Download JBE-In-County and Out-Of-County Student Transfers.pdf
Download JBF-Home_Hospital_Out-of-School_Environment_Instruction.pdf
Download JCA-Student Rights and Responsibilities.pdf
Download JCB-Work Permits.pdf
Download JCC-Married and Pregnant Students.pdf
Download JDA-Expected Behavior in Safe and Supportive Schools.pdf
Download JDB-Dress Code.pdf
Download JDBA -Useofcellphone.ele.devices.pdf
Download JDE-Tobacco Control_1.pdf
Download JDF- Drug Testing Policy for Simulated Workplace and Opt-In Participants.pdf
Download JDG-Search and Seizure.pdf
Download JDH-Permission for Leaving School.pdf
Download JDI-Student Use of Vehicles.pdf
Download JDJ-Student Attendance Policy.pdf
Download JDK-Hardy_County_Dropout_Prevention_Policy.pdf
Download JFA-Student Accident Insurance.pdf
Download JFB-Accidents and Injury.pdf
Download JFD-Health_Services.pdf
Download JFE-School.Staff.Wellness.pdf
Download JGA-Student Activities and Organizations.pdf
Download JGB-Student Publications.pdf
Download JGC-Interscholastic Activities.pdf
Download JGD-Physical Examinations for Athletes.pdf
Download JHA-Maintenance and Disclosure of Student Data.pdf
Sub Folder K-Public Relations General (10 Files)
Download K_Content_for_Public_Relations_General_K.pdf
Download KAA-Goals and Objectives.pdf
Download KAC-Freedom_of_Information_Act.pdf
Download KBC-Advisory Committees.pdf
Download KBD-Interviews with Students.pdf
Download KBE Use of School Facilities.pdf
Download KBF-Visitors to the Schools.pdf
Download KBG-Hardy_County_School_Volunteers.pdf
Download KBH ParentGuardianCommunity Involvement in Student Education.pdf
Download KCA-Public Complaints Grievance Procedures.pdf
Sub Folder L-Interorganizational Relations (7 Files)
Download L Content for Interorganizational relations L.pdf
Download LAA-Goals and Objectives.pdf
Download LAB-School-Government Relations.pdf
Download LBA-Hardy County Commission.pdf
Download LBB-Eastern West Virginia Community Action Agency.pdf
Download LBC-Public Health Authorities.pdf
Download LBD-Relations with Law Enforcement.pdf
Sub Folder M-Education Agency Relations (12 Files)
Download M Content for Education Agency Relations M.pdf
Download MAA-Goals and Objectives.pdf
Download MBA-Hardy County Public Library.pdf
Download MBB-Regional Educational Service Agency.pdf
Download MBC-Colleges and Universities.pdf
Download MBD-State Department of Education.pdf
Download MBE-Eastern Allegheny Council for Human Services, INC..pdf
Download MBF-Educational Accreditation Agency Relations.pdf
Download MBG-4-H Program.pdf
Download MCA-Professional Visitors and Observers.pdf
Download MCB-Request for Student-Transfer Involvement with Colleges and Universities.pdf
Download MCC-Student Teaching and Internships.pdf
Folder Board Minutes for 2017-2018 (4 Files)
Download Board_Minutes_7.3.17.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_7.24.17.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_8.7.17.pdf
Download Bd.Agenda_8.21.17...pdf
Folder Board Minutes for 2016-2017 (27 Files)
Download Board_Minutes_7.5.16.pdf
Download Bd._Minutes.Spec.Meeting_7.8.16.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_7.18.16.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_8.1.16.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_8.15.16.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_9.6.16.pdf
Download Bd._Minutes.Spec.Meeting_9.19.16.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_9.19.16.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_10.3.16.pdf
Download Bd._Minutes.Spec.Meeting_10.12.16.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_10.17.16.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_10.31.16.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_11.16.16.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_12.5.16.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_12.19.16.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_1.3.17.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_1.23.17.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_2.6.17.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_2.20.17.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_3.6.17.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_3.20.17.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_4.3.17.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_4.18.17.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_5.1.17.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_5.15.17.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_6.5.17.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_6.19.17.pdf
Folder Board Minutes for 2015-2016 (24 Files)
Download Board Minutes 1.19.16.pdf
Download Board Minutes 1.4.16.pdf
Download Board Minutes 10.19.15.pdf
Download Board Minutes 10.5.15.pdf
Download Board Minutes 11.2.15.pdf
Download Board Minutes 11.30.15.pdf
Download Board Minutes 12.21.15.pdf
Download Board Minutes 12.7.15.pdf
Download Board Minutes 2.1.16.pdf
Download Board Minutes 3.7.16.pdf
Download Board Minutes 7.20.15.pdf
Download Board Minutes 7.6.15.pdf
Download Board Minutes 8.17.15.pdf
Download Board Minutes 8.3.15.pdf
Download Board Minutes 9.21.15.pdf
Download Board Minutes 9.8.15.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_2.16.16.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_3.21.16.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_4.19.16.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_4.4.16.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_5.16.16.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_5.2.16.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_6.21.16.pdf
Download Board_Minutes_6.6.16.pdf
Folder Board Minutes for 2014-2015 (29 Files)
Download Bd. Min.Spec.TriCounty Meeting 12.17.14.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes.Public Hearing.3.23.15.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes.Public Hearing.3.9.15.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes.Spec.Meeting.8.11.14.pdf
Download Board Minutes 1.20.15.docx.pdf
Download Board Minutes 1.5.15.pdf
Download Board Minutes 10.20.14.pdf
Download Board Minutes 10.6.14.pdf
Download Board Minutes 11.17.14.pdf
Download Board Minutes 11.3.14.pdf
Download Board Minutes 12.1.14.pdf
Download Board Minutes 12.15.14.docx.pdf
Download Board Minutes 2.23.15.pdf
Download Board Minutes 2.9.15.pdf
Download Board Minutes 3.23.15.pdf
Download Board Minutes 3.9.15.docx.pdf
Download Board Minutes 4.21.15.pdf
Download Board Minutes 4.6.15.pdf
Download Board Minutes 5.18.15.pdf
Download Board Minutes 5.4.15.pdf
Download Board Minutes 6.1.15.pdf
Download Board Minutes 6.15.15.pdf
Download Board Minutes 7.21.14.pdf
Download Board Minutes 7.7.14.pdf
Download Board Minutes 8.18.14.pdf
Download Board Minutes 8.4.14.pdf
Download Board Minutes 9.22.14.pdf
Download Board Minutes 9.8.14.pdf
Download Board Minutes.8.28.14.Region 8.pdf
Folder Board Minutes for 2013-2014 (28 Files)
Download Bd. Minutes.Levy Rates.4.15.14.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes.Public Hearing.2.17.14.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes.Public Hearing.3.5.14.pdf
Download Bd.Minutes 7.1.13.pdf
Download Bd.Minutes 7.15.13.pdf
Download Bd.Minutes 8.5.13.pdf
Download Board Minutes 1.20.14.pdf
Download Board Minutes 1.6.14.pdf
Download Board Minutes 10.21.13.pdf
Download Board Minutes 10.7.13.pdf
Download Board Minutes 11.18.13.pdf
Download Board Minutes 11.4.13.pdf
Download Board Minutes 12.16.13.pdf
Download Board Minutes 12.2.13.pdf
Download Board Minutes 2.10.14.pdf
Download Board Minutes 2.17.14.pdf
Download Board Minutes 3.17.14.pdf
Download Board Minutes 3.5.14.pdf
Download Board Minutes 4.21.14.pdf
Download Board Minutes 4.7.14_1.pdf
Download Board Minutes 5.19.14.pdf
Download Board Minutes 5.5.14.pdf
Download Board Minutes 6.16.14.pdf
Download Board Minutes 6.2.14.pdf
Download Board Minutes 8.19.13.pdf
Download Board Minutes 9.23.13.pdf
Download Board Minutes 9.9.13.pdf
Download Board Minutes.8.24.13.Region VIII.pdf
Folder Board Minutes for 2012-2013 (27 Files)
Download Bd. Minutes 7.16.12.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 7.2.12.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 7.30.12.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 8.6.12.pdf
Download Bd.Minutes 1.22.13.pdf
Download Bd.Minutes 1.7.13.pdf
Download Bd.Minutes 10.1.12.pdf
Download Bd.Minutes 10.15.12.pdf
Download Bd.Minutes 11.13.12.pdf
Download Bd.Minutes 11.5.12.pdf
Download Bd.Minutes 12.17.12.pdf
Download Bd.Minutes 12.3.12.pdf
Download Bd.Minutes 2.18.13.pdf
Download Bd.Minutes 2.4.13.pdf
Download Bd.Minutes 3.25.13.pdf
Download Bd.Minutes 3.4.13.pdf
Download Bd.Minutes 4.1.13.pdf
Download Bd.Minutes 4.16.13.pdf
Download Bd.Minutes 5.20.13.pdf
Download Bd.Minutes 5.6.13.pdf
Download Bd.Minutes 6.17.13.pdf
Download Bd.Minutes 6.3.13.pdf
Download Bd.Minutes 8.20.12.pdf
Download Bd.Minutes 9.17.12.pdf
Download Bd.Minutes 9.4.12.pdf
Download Spec.Bd.Meeting.10.11.12.pdf
Download Special Bd. Minutes 8.27.12.pdf
Folder Board Minutes for 2011-2012 (29 Files)
Download Bd. Minutes 1.23.12..pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 1.30.12.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 1.9.12.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 10.17.11.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 10.3.11.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 11.28.11.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 11.7.11.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 12.19.11.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 12.5.11.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 2.13.12.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 2.23.12.SBA.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 2.27.12.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 3.20.12.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 3.5.12.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 4.16.12.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 4.2.12.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 5.21.12.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 5.25.12-Reconvene from 3.20.12.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 5.7.12.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 6.18.12.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 6.4.12.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 7.18.11.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 7.5.11.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 8.1.11.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 8.15.11.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 9.19.11.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 9.6.11.pdf
Download Board Minutes 4.7.14.pdf
Download Special Bd. Minutes 1.5.12.pdf
Folder Board Minutes for 2010-2011 (24 Files)
Download Bd. Minutes 1.18.11.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 1.3.11.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 10.18.10.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 11.1.10.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 11.15.10.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 12.20.10.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 12.6.10.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 2.21.11.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 2.7.11.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 3.21.11.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 3.7.11.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 4.19.11.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 4.4.11.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 5.16.11.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 5.2.11.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 6.21.11.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 6.6.11.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes-08.02.10.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes-08.09.10.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes-08.16.10.pdf
Download Special Bd. Minutes 3.14.11.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes-09.07.10.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes-09.20.10.pdf
Download Bd. Minutes 10.4.10.pdf
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